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Vineyard & Winery Management Octubre 2011

Cooperage focus on control to stave off variability.

ICÔNE : discover the pictures ! Mayo 2011

We all had a very pleasant ICÔNE evening in Bordeaux last 17th of March.

Discover the pictures of this event:


ICÔNE : press speaks about it ! Mayo 2011


ICÔNE is a major innovation in the cooperage industry and professional press did well understood that key point.
Lots of articles were published after last March official launch. All of them are available in the “Press & news” section.


L'Agriculteur Charentais / April 2011 Abril 2011

"Agriculteur Charentais" issue #April 1st 2011.

Décision Boissons / April 2011 Abril 2011

"Décision Boissons" issue #April 1st 2011.

Nouvel Ouest / Avril 2011 Abril 2011

"Nouvel Ouest" issue #April 2011.

La tribune / March 2011 Marzo 2011

"La Tribune" issue #March 30th 2011.

Le Journal Du Vin / March 2011 Marzo 2011 website / Issue #March 28th 2011.

VSB #1 / March 2011 Marzo 2011

"VSB" issue #March 25th 2011.

VSB #2 / March 2011 Marzo 2011

"VSB" issue #March 25th 2011.

La Journée Viticole / March 2011 Marzo 2011

"La Journée Viticole" issue #March 24th 2011.

Objectif Aquitaine' Newsletter Marzo 2011

Newsletter issue #March 18th 2011.

Les Echos / March 2011 Marzo 2011

Issue #March 22nd 2011

Formes de Luxe / March 2011 Marzo 2011


Issue #March 2011.


La Vigne / March 2011 Marzo 2011

Issue #March 18th 2011. / March 2011 Marzo 2011 website / Issue #March 2011.

Réussir Vigne / March 2011 Marzo 2011

Issue #172 March 2011

17th March 2011: official launch date for ICÔNE Marzo 2011

Today SEGUIN MOREAU shares with the wine industry the end result of 12 years of fundamental research by introducing its new exclusive oak selection process for barrel manufacturing.


This process, called “ICÔNE”, consists in wood selection by chemical analysis. SEGUIN MOREAU thus identifies specific oak batches in order to impart precise oaky profiles to determined wine categories. 


They choose ICÔNE Marzo 2011

Châteaux and wine properties who trust in ICÔNE Process.

Press Release / March 2011 Marzo 2011

scientific investment  to enrich expertise in cooperage.

Wine Business Monthly CA / February 2011 Febrero 2011

A promising attempt at quantifying oak chemistry to produce a consistent barrel.

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